Shopping for Week 1

Well I managed to spend $58 and some change but hubby needed cash so it bumped it to $68 and change. Got food for at least the next week, drinks since we are sick of having water every day, and some packed meals in case we don’t have enough leftovers for hubby to take to work for lunch.


Either way it is still down from over $100 for a week so I am happy about that! Hopefully We can continue to do this and stop eating out like we have the past two nights. Hubby likes it because I don’t like cooking or eating at home when I am pregnant… And that is not a good thing for me or baby.


Broccoli Beef

Roasted Chicken, rice and corn

Bean and cheese burritos

Chicken enchiladas

Steak, corn and rice

Chili and cornbread

Spaghetti and meatballs

(if there is chicken left I will make chicken soup)


Sounds like a good week of eating to me!


2 responses

  1. Do you and your husband like tea/coffee? I find these to be a good way to have something with flavour, as a change to water. And if you make tea by the pot, what you don’t drink can be put in the fridge and used to make iced tea.

    • I only like green tea in small amounts and hubby doesn’t like either so we tend to do juice and lemonade. Soda if it is on sale. But the past few weeks we have been low on funds and just opting to not buy any of it so we got tired of having water over and over.

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