Working from home…

So for the few friends that may come here or the general population that happens to find this blog, I work as a ChaCha Guide. Yes it is legitimate work. Does it pay well? Not the greatest but you can make a few extra bucks while sitting at home watching TV or browsing the web and answering questions as you get them submitted to you. Not enough to make a living off of but it can pay for a tank of gas or a dinner out with your partner.

Visit and enter as your referral to being a ChaCha guide! It is easy to get started, you just have to pass a simple test and if you know how to surf the net at a fast pace then you will have no problem with passing it. Once you are a guide you will need Firefox 7 in order to use the portal to log on and work. I just set my volume on loud and leave FF open while I use Chrome to do what ever I need or want to do online.


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  1. Hmmm, I think you might have the wrong link. I tried following it, said it couldn’t find it, but then a google search revealed

    I would have liked to sign up, as it sounded interesting and I am someone who currently works from home as a (not as successful as I would like yet) freelance writer. Unfortunately, I am Canadian, and currently still reside in Canada, so joining is not an option 😦

    • You are right I put the wrong link. Oops! Thank you for catching that! Unfortunately it is only US residents right now. Maybe one day they will expand though! You can also try KGB though I don’t know if they are US only as well but it is the same type of program, they get paid more but they get less traffic since users pay per question asked.

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