Craft Fairs and Farmer Markets?

Maybe that is something I should consider to get my business actually up and running. I just need to have a lot of product on hand as well as make up some business cards or something so that I can give it to customers and people who come by to check out my booth.

Worth a shot if I can get things made to sell.

On another note I am having another boy!

Back on Track

I started school again this past Monday, only one class and then mid-April will be 3 classes. At least this semester will get me back on track and going to school.

I need ideas on what to make and am at a loss. Any ideas? I made me a bag and wallet and made my mom a big tote bag. Not sure what else I should make. I do have some fabric, probably enough to make another bag but I want to get the canvas straps like I used on my mom’s bag. So many choices just need to decide what I want to do.

To craft or not to craft?

Well I am going to get back into crafting. Probably sewing more than crocheting now but maybe I will actually find my niche in the crafting realm and be able to eventually profit from it.

I made a bag and wallet for me last night, now to design and sew the tote bag for my mom. I have tons of scraps of material so I think I am going to get practice in and get some ideas on what I can make.

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