You know it is summer when… It is too hot to do anything! 4 weeks left until my due date with #2 so we will see when he decides to arrive. I made agua de fresa for my mother in law’s Father’s Day party this past Sunday. It was a hit and I was told it tasted really good, better than from the market! So that made my day. 


I started an English class yesterday to take over summer. I have not taken an english class in a few years and boy do I despise writing and I am only on my second day! At least it is online though so I can keep ahead of the assignments instead of sitting in class. 

I need something to actually blog about. I am terrible at crocheting my own patterns, I don’t have a ton of free time between class and taking care of my apartment to delve into a new hobby. I also don’t do couponing. Hmm something for me to think about I guess!


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