Home Cooking and Crafting

So our financial situation has not been the best which has resulted in us eating home for just about all meals. Plus of that is my dear husband is losing weight between no fast food meals and what he does at work. No I just need to start losing this baby weight!

With two boys on my hands I have not had much free time to create or promote my business. Part of life I guess. Though I am finally working on a blanket that I started about the time my first son was born and just shoved it to the back of my closet to forget about until the other day. Using up all my scrap yarn to create it that way I have an excuse to buy new yarn to create projects from!

However I am trying a few new online sites to make money, that are in the previous post. So far they have not amounted to much but we will see as time goes on. Also debating on a few other business ideas to start up but they all need money to start up which is something I don’t have right now. Till then I will continue searching for a job that is working for someone else until I have the capital to follow one of the ideas that I have.


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