Trying new things…

Potty training is going with the toddler. Not always successful but there are still some successes all the same. Less diapers to be used!

Last night it sort of dawned on me that all the diaper boxes we get when we buy diapers for the kids, well I can reuse those to make cat scratchers instead of tossing them out. And I have been buying diapers and the cardboard scratchers for how long :/ Oh well never too late to start recycling! We do recycle glass and plastics though. We are also going to try to potty train the cats. Less litter we have to buy, therefore less waste. But in the process of doing that we are going to try to use shredded paper in the box(the already read newspaper, all the random papers we get and don’t need, etc…).

We have always tried to recycle glass and plastic. As of last night I am going to start using the newspaper for the cats, and the cardboard diaper boxes to make cat scratchers. I have a lot of cereal in my cupboard right now (8 boxes worth, we buy it but never eat it) so I am trying to find something to do with those.

What do you do to reuse or recycle?


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