Potty training and more…

Well all in all it has been a success. I started over a week ago and just let the 21 month old monster run butt naked around the house. It has worked. And he doesn’t wet during naps, or short outings(less than 2 hours) so far. Night time has been hit and miss but if I catch him at the right time he stays dry all night. Tonight he fought me to put a diaper on so I think he likes not wearing a diaper. Granted he won’t wear underwear either without having an accident but that may be because he just doesn’t like briefs. So I will try boxers next time I get to the store. For now he can just run around the house in shorts 🙂


On another note. I have received quite a bit from Points2Shop. I have gotten a train set, a phone cover, screen protectors for my phone, and $40 in Wal-Mart gift cards. And counting. All this in a month and a half. If I were to spend more time on the site I would make even more but hey I am not complaining since it is just a little time to earn and I can get things I wouldn’t be able to afford normally! 


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