Updates in the life of this Crafty Mommy…

Well potty training the little monster has been a challenge. But isn’t potty training always a challenge? Trying to get him out of diapers to create one less thing we have to buy but the only thing that is happening is me taking him to the potty since he won’t tell me he has to go. Still less diapers being used which is always a positive!

I have been trying to plan Christmas gifts since September and still only have two gifts. So my planning has gone no where fast. Oh well I still have a few weeks left since Christmas is getting celebrated early due to family going out of town before the wonderful holiday. I have found quite a few ideas though that I want to make. Just have to find a way to get the money to get the items to make said gifts.

First is Photo Coasters from Oopsy Daisy. I am going to try these using Mod Podge and acrylic sealer paint. Need to get some cute pictures of the little monsters though so that I can make them!

The second one is Gel Air freshener’s from One Good Thing by Jillee. I think these would go great with my family since they have pets that tend to stink up their homes.

Still trying to look for other ideas though since I don’t know how well those will work once I try them!

My lovely husband is all done with Deer season. So we have chunks of meat in our freezer from the harvested deer’s of two people in his hunting party. We have used some for roast, stew and meatballs. Still need to cook more and get used to the taste!

And finally, I have a blanket I started when my handsome toddler was born. Well I finally started working on it again, using my leftover yarn to continue the crocheted blanket. A lot of different colors and probably big enough for a twin bed right now but I think once all my scrap is used it will be big enough for my bed!

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