A Day in the Life of a Stay at Home Mother

Well more like a weekend day. Oh who am I kidding, being a parent in general doesn’t allow you a weekend or day off! Today started off not too bad, my lovely toddler woke me up around 8:30am and with that woke up the baby as well. On a normal weekend my husband would be home to take care of the toddler but he had work so it was up to me to get through the morning. The second I get out of bed the kiddo goes “uh-oh” and is holding on to his diaper because he has to pee. YAY! He is starting to understand when he has to go potty.

Fast forward to Daddy getting home. Well once he got home both the baby and toddler wanted to go with him. That lasted all of half an hour before Daddy decided it was nap time and put our kids to sleep and I had quiet for two whole hours! I should have taken a nap or cleaned but I spent the time surfing the web instead. Did some shopping after that and that was about it for today.


Kids are in bed, husband is playing video games and I am updating my blog though I need to find more things to write about. So if you have suggestions on what is boggling your mind about what a stay at home mom like me does all day just leave a comment!


Oh and one last thing before I forget. If you have not signed up at work4free.tk I suggest you do so. It isn’t a lot of money but it really does help to buy those extras for you or your kids. If you want proof just check out my video or the pictures I have posted here. I have made $80 in two months so it is not a lot but It helped to get Christmas presents for this year. That is what I used the gift cards to buy. 


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