Frustrating Day

It is amazing how something so good can turn your day into a mess. We are trying to find jobs to move to a different state. Well today I get a call for my husband and have him call back. It is a would-be job offer for a little under what he is making now. Catch- He needs to move before they will even consider him. Which we can’t move until we have the money but we don’t want to move unless we know one of us has a job. Have to love the situation. Hopefully we can make something work out so he can move out there even temporarily and apply to the company in person and see if he gets the job before we commit to the whole family moving. 

To add to it all, my baby boy is going to be 2 years old this weekend. Where has the time gone? I am not ready for him to be 2. Well that and it makes me feel even older! Well we can’t stop time, or rewind it for that matter. I just have to enjoy every second where he still wants to cuddle with me because I know that won’t last much longer in terms of life at least. 


Have a great day and hopefully I will have more intriguing news to share in my next post! 

Super Parents!

So you have all seen a super mom(or dad)I’m sure. You know the lady with her baby that is back down to pre-pregnancy weight and no stretchmarks to show from her pregnancy? Oh add in the all organic food and name brand items. The dad who wears his child around with the designer diaper bag… There is your super parent. 

I am far from one. Sure I try to give my kids healthy food, I scoff at name brands because they are so dang expensive, I am still 15lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight with my first and I am 6 months postpartum with my second! I let my toddler watch TV and pick his own food, I hardly ever clean his room so it is just a giant disaster. Heck on a good day I will cook dinner and get dishes done.


Sure I can make it to the store with two kids under 2, and manage to get out before one starts pitching a fit, I can carry both kids and a few bags at the same time.. Hey you know what, maybe I am super mom! Sure I may not be perfect in any sense a parent may be considered perfect when raising a child. But you know what, who is? I think any parent that stick around to raise their child in a loving home, provides them food and shelter, and keeps their child bathed semi-regularly, is a super-parent. Single, married, same-sex, I don’t care your relationship status because as long as you take care of your child then you are a super parent and achieve a feat that the child-less adults could not (those that do not want kids, or have given their child up for adoption or had their children taken away). 


So to all parents out there, bask in your glory because you are a super parent and don’t let anyone else make you think otherwise! 

If you over salt your food…

Soups and Stews: Add half of a raw potato to the pot and cook for another 15 to 20 minutes, it will help to absorb the excess salt. Remove the potato before serving your meal. 

Salads and Dressings: Add more acidic ingredients like lemon juice, vinegar or even tomatoes! 

Casseroles and side dishes: Double the recipe and omit adding more salt or if there is an acidic ingredient, add a pinch of sugar to counteract the saltiness. 


I will try to post a helpful hint in each post to maybe make your life that much easier. Or to fix if you mess up:) 

In sickness….

So lucky me. My family all got over being sick 2 weeks ago and here I am with my head all congested and runny/stuffy nose with a sore throat. And of course I have a wedding to attend on Saturday. Oh well how my life runs!


On another note my lovely husband has made a bet with me(posting mainly for my record of it). He has said that by this time next year if he reaches 220lbs (he is currently 280lbs), he will get the entire tax refund to put towards a new motorcycle. He also said that he will be limiting meat much more and eating more vegetarian to help with that process. Somehow I highly doubt it will happen seeing as he has done things to lose weight since we have been together and he has never followed through longer than a month. Time will tell I guess! 

Home cooked meals

So I realized that the past two weeks that I have done grocery shopping, I have spent less than $50 each week. Granted I have not really purchased junk food either so that helps but it also helps that I have been making a lot of things from scratch and using what we have on hand to add to meals. For tonight I am making marinara sauce (boiling the tomatoes as I type!) and making cheese ravioli from scratch starting with the pasta! Something about cooking just brings out the best in me, not to mention helps reduce stress. For dessert tonight I am thinking carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, all from scratch of course! 

The rest of this week is pretty much the usual fare of food. Chili, enchiladas, chimichangas… I don’t really make tortillas from scratch though I have tried but without a tortilla press it makes for messy work. 

Cast Irons Pans and Goldfish(no not together!)

So I came to a realization a while ago that at 23 years old, I loved the one cast iron pan I had purchased to heat up tortillas. I use it for pancakes, fajitas, really anything that I can get away with using a flat pan. So Christmas I received a set of pans from my parents because that is the one thing I asked for. More often than not I am using my cast iron pans now for cooking instead of my teflon pans. Sure it takes a little extra butter or oil for now since I have to get the pans all nice and seasoned, but the outcome is so much better tasting food! Call me old fashioned but I will take cast iron over teflon almost any day now. I still like my teflon pots for cooking rice, beans and soup though since I don’t feel like pulling out the slow cooker every other day:)


As for the gold fish… Well last night we finally gave in to our (almost) two year old who would scream every time we walked past the fish section of Wal-Mart to get cat supplies. We let him pick out the one he wanted (of course the $4 sarasa gold fish) and we got a little tank for it. Our cats have not paid it too much attention though thankfully! When we got to the register to check out he refused to let go of the bag his fish was in, and when we got home to put the fish in the tank, oh my! That boy has a set of lungs. He loves watching that fish though and they are supposed to live 7 years or more and depending on the size of the tank can grow up to 16″. I think in the future we will get a bigger tank a long with a few more fish but we will see since we do have our two cats. 


I know it is a bit late, nearly two weeks now. I finally decided on my resolutions though.

1. Make more of an effort to clean top to bottom every day.
2. Prepare more meals from scratch instead of using boxed, canned or frozen food.
3. Focus more on my family.
4. Push myself with college to get as many “A”s as possible.
5. Make more of an effort to exercise and get back in shape.
6. Save more money.

Have you made any resolutions? Share in the comments!

My thoughts on 1950’s

I have been intrigued by the 1950’s for a while now. Then the fact I am a stay at home mom sort of contributes to that. What happened to the (seemingly) more simple days of life where the wife took care of the home and children while the husband worked? Not very many families have this opportunity today and I know not may parents can handle staying home either. Sure at times I get frustrated but what parent doesn’t? I do 90% of the cooking, cleaning and child-rearing while my lovely husband works to support us. He will pick up when he comes home if my darling Moco decides to make a huge mess right before Daddy comes in the door, he takes out the trash and he will do the laundry mainly because it has to be hauled to the laundry room across the complex. So in a way we are living the 1950’s home but with more modern conveniences. 

I am going to make more of an attempt to clean every day from top to bottom, cook more food from scratch instead of buying pre-packaged from the store, and lavish more attention on my loving family instead of tending to their needs and leaving them to their own devices. I started doing this yesterday with dressing up(dress and heels) before he came home form work and he just questioned why. Basically he was not impressed with the effort I put in when I made chicken, rice, salad and baked bread from scratch for dinner. Oh well maybe tonight will be better though not as interesting dinner as it is bean and cheese burritos, yay for boiling beans all afternoon for dinner! 

I guess I should get cleaning since I have not done much today. Though I finally fixed one of our bedsheets after nearly two years of one seam being ripped. 


Have a great day and happy Friday! 


A New Year

Time is already flying by! We have been into the new year for over a week already. My baby boy will be 6 months here shortly and my toddler will be 2 in less than a month! Where have the past two years gone? I register for classes in just a week and will start in a month. I am excited to finally be on track to finish school and I will let nothing stop me. My lovely husband will register two weeks after me so hopefully he can get classes and keep working towards his degree while supporting our family. We have so many things planned for us in the next year or so and hopefully we will be able to accomplish all of them to finally get our lives back on track where we want them to be. Raising a family is hard work, I am fortunate enough to not have to work but we still have to stick to our budget so that we can pay the bills on time and not fall into the trap we were in before we had our wonderful boys.

Here is to a happy new year and hope everything stays right on track how it is!