My thoughts on 1950’s

I have been intrigued by the 1950’s for a while now. Then the fact I am a stay at home mom sort of contributes to that. What happened to the (seemingly) more simple days of life where the wife took care of the home and children while the husband worked? Not very many families have this opportunity today and I know not may parents can handle staying home either. Sure at times I get frustrated but what parent doesn’t? I do 90% of the cooking, cleaning and child-rearing while my lovely husband works to support us. He will pick up when he comes home if my darling Moco decides to make a huge mess right before Daddy comes in the door, he takes out the trash and he will do the laundry mainly because it has to be hauled to the laundry room across the complex. So in a way we are living the 1950’s home but with more modern conveniences. 

I am going to make more of an attempt to clean every day from top to bottom, cook more food from scratch instead of buying pre-packaged from the store, and lavish more attention on my loving family instead of tending to their needs and leaving them to their own devices. I started doing this yesterday with dressing up(dress and heels) before he came home form work and he just questioned why. Basically he was not impressed with the effort I put in when I made chicken, rice, salad and baked bread from scratch for dinner. Oh well maybe tonight will be better though not as interesting dinner as it is bean and cheese burritos, yay for boiling beans all afternoon for dinner! 

I guess I should get cleaning since I have not done much today. Though I finally fixed one of our bedsheets after nearly two years of one seam being ripped. 


Have a great day and happy Friday! 



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