Cast Irons Pans and Goldfish(no not together!)

So I came to a realization a while ago that at 23 years old, I loved the one cast iron pan I had purchased to heat up tortillas. I use it for pancakes, fajitas, really anything that I can get away with using a flat pan. So Christmas I received a set of pans from my parents because that is the one thing I asked for. More often than not I am using my cast iron pans now for cooking instead of my teflon pans. Sure it takes a little extra butter or oil for now since I have to get the pans all nice and seasoned, but the outcome is so much better tasting food! Call me old fashioned but I will take cast iron over teflon almost any day now. I still like my teflon pots for cooking rice, beans and soup though since I don’t feel like pulling out the slow cooker every other day:)


As for the gold fish… Well last night we finally gave in to our (almost) two year old who would scream every time we walked past the fish section of Wal-Mart to get cat supplies. We let him pick out the one he wanted (of course the $4 sarasa gold fish) and we got a little tank for it. Our cats have not paid it too much attention though thankfully! When we got to the register to check out he refused to let go of the bag his fish was in, and when we got home to put the fish in the tank, oh my! That boy has a set of lungs. He loves watching that fish though and they are supposed to live 7 years or more and depending on the size of the tank can grow up to 16″. I think in the future we will get a bigger tank a long with a few more fish but we will see since we do have our two cats. 


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