Home cooked meals

So I realized that the past two weeks that I have done grocery shopping, I have spent less than $50 each week. Granted I have not really purchased junk food either so that helps but it also helps that I have been making a lot of things from scratch and using what we have on hand to add to meals. For tonight I am making marinara sauce (boiling the tomatoes as I type!) and making cheese ravioli from scratch starting with the pasta! Something about cooking just brings out the best in me, not to mention helps reduce stress. For dessert tonight I am thinking carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, all from scratch of course! 

The rest of this week is pretty much the usual fare of food. Chili, enchiladas, chimichangas… I don’t really make tortillas from scratch though I have tried but without a tortilla press it makes for messy work. 


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