Super Parents!

So you have all seen a super mom(or dad)I’m sure. You know the lady with her baby that is back down to pre-pregnancy weight and no stretchmarks to show from her pregnancy? Oh add in the all organic food and name brand items. The dad who wears his child around with the designer diaper bag… There is your super parent. 

I am far from one. Sure I try to give my kids healthy food, I scoff at name brands because they are so dang expensive, I am still 15lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight with my first and I am 6 months postpartum with my second! I let my toddler watch TV and pick his own food, I hardly ever clean his room so it is just a giant disaster. Heck on a good day I will cook dinner and get dishes done.


Sure I can make it to the store with two kids under 2, and manage to get out before one starts pitching a fit, I can carry both kids and a few bags at the same time.. Hey you know what, maybe I am super mom! Sure I may not be perfect in any sense a parent may be considered perfect when raising a child. But you know what, who is? I think any parent that stick around to raise their child in a loving home, provides them food and shelter, and keeps their child bathed semi-regularly, is a super-parent. Single, married, same-sex, I don’t care your relationship status because as long as you take care of your child then you are a super parent and achieve a feat that the child-less adults could not (those that do not want kids, or have given their child up for adoption or had their children taken away). 


So to all parents out there, bask in your glory because you are a super parent and don’t let anyone else make you think otherwise! 


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