Frustrating Day

It is amazing how something so good can turn your day into a mess. We are trying to find jobs to move to a different state. Well today I get a call for my husband and have him call back. It is a would-be job offer for a little under what he is making now. Catch- He needs to move before they will even consider him. Which we can’t move until we have the money but we don’t want to move unless we know one of us has a job. Have to love the situation. Hopefully we can make something work out so he can move out there even temporarily and apply to the company in person and see if he gets the job before we commit to the whole family moving. 

To add to it all, my baby boy is going to be 2 years old this weekend. Where has the time gone? I am not ready for him to be 2. Well that and it makes me feel even older! Well we can’t stop time, or rewind it for that matter. I just have to enjoy every second where he still wants to cuddle with me because I know that won’t last much longer in terms of life at least. 


Have a great day and hopefully I will have more intriguing news to share in my next post! 


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