Oh the joys….

So many things are going on and it is starting to get stressful. Between the baby getting his first two teeth in, my toddler deciding he wants to sleep in my bed and kick daddy out of it to job and apartment hunting in a different state. I want to snap my fingers and have everything be done already. At least my darling husband is taking the initiative to find a job and move when he wouldn’t before and left it all to me. I still have to do most of the grunt work though. Grr…

On another irritating note… My baby has a few birthmarks on his neck, two on his arm and right above his butt on the spine. Well one looks like a bruise on his arm right below his shoulder and so many people ask me what happened. It gets on my nerves. Like really you think I would let my 6 month old son get hurt? I can’t leave him in long sleeves all the time to avoid that question and when it comes to the point of putting him in daycare I will probably have to have a doctor sign off that it is a dang birthmark. 

How did you cope when other people (including family) asked about suspicious birthmarks or even other marks on your child?


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