Detox and going natural

Well a week ago we made the decision to eliminate junk food and salt from our diets since the hubby wants to lose weight to enlist. Lots of fruits, veggies and lean meats have made their way into our fridge compared to what we used to buy. So far by just the two simple steps he has lost 10lbs and I have lost 5lbs and it is a bit noticeable! Well now that we are a week in, my body is going through a detox phase and I feel like crap. I won’t go into details of it though since that is all besides the point. However I am pushing through and I will still continue with my morning 1.71 mile route to walk and work my way back up to running again since I have not really worked out in over three years aside from walking. I may be average to skinny build but I am sure out of shape after two kids!

As for going natural I am still pushing on with no-poo as previously mentioned. I am really liking what my hair is doing aside from waiting for the oily phase to subside. My hair is thicker it seems like and wavy when it used to be stick straight! Another plus is that my hair is not getting tangled like it used to. I honestly wish I would have given into it sooner after trying shampoo after shampoo to work with my hair and make it do something. Who would have guessed that shampoo was the problem?

Happy Sunday to you all and may more natural ways of life find their way into your homes!


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