Take Two

Well I am back to no-poo after reading information on hard water and no-poo. Turns out I need to boil my water or use distilled water to wash my hair. So I tried boiling it and my hair is definitely loads better than before! No greasy nasty mess like what happened my first trial run so I am pretty excited about that. 

Today I finally bought soil and pots. I have celery growing from the butt of a celery stalk and a potato that started growing in my pantry, both are now in pots instead of glasses of water. I dumped the rest of the soil into my compost to help that along since I was starting to get a lot of little flies (no bad smell though) as I am pretty sure it was too wet and I wasn’t adding enough dry stuff in there to combat it. Now my bin is half full instead of a quarter and that should help out a lot! 

Kids, family and work!

Well I am happy to say I found a job for the first time in nearly three years after I quit to be a stay at home mom. Needless to say I probably will not be on much because the husband will be going back to trucking. So this momma has been busy arranging daycare and everything else before he hits the road and I start work! I love my boys to death, but I need a break. However I also know jumping straight off to full time work I am going to go crazy with being away so I will see how long it lasts. I am excited to work again but the same time I don’t want to leave my babies especially when the little one is so close to taking his first steps and I may not be around to see it! Part of life I know I wouldn’t be the first and I won’t be the last. 

I have been composting for a few weeks now, lots of little worms in my bin though so I need to figure out what I am doing wrong. At least it doesn’t stink! A little more moist than it should be I think so I know I do need to add some more paper or leaves or something. 

I gave in to shampoo a week ago or so now but then went back to no-poo because the shampoo makes my hair fall out! Going no-poo I hardly have any hair falling out so I am going to stick to it this time, even with starting a new job. yikes! I need to get some scarves or hats or something…. My husband went back to shampoo when I gave in and his dandruff came back with a vengeance so he immediately went back to no-poo and it is clearing up slowly but surely. So I fully attest to the fact that commercial shampoos are destroying your scalp!

I hope everyone has been doing well! I appreciate all the new followers that I have and I do try to follow anyone who has a blog that follows me. I don’t always get a chance to read every single post but I do try! 


My friend sent me a video to watch. It is 10 minutes long and I usually just fast forward things like that. This one was different. I listened to the whole video and it motivated me to continue my dreams of a garden even if it is pots on my patio. I don’t want my children to fall into the trap of consumerism and fast food. I want them to know what real food tastes like, to enjoy the food that is good for their bodies so they don’t have to endure the illnesses that so many are plagued with today because of the high fat, high sodium, fast food meals. It is so easy to eat healthy but the prices of fresh produce are higher than the costs of junk food which make it harder for lower income people to eat healthy. We need to stop buying junk food and start cooking more at home. Stop buying fast food and make sandwiches to take to work for lunch. There are so many ways we can better our lives but we choose not to. Who wants to make a stand with me and work on bettering our lives and stepping out of the fast lane to garden and eat what we sow and reap?

Watch the video and get motivated to grow. Ron Finley: A guerilla gardener in South Central LA Sorry I couldn’t figure out how to embed the link!

Follow my blog, like my posts, check out other things I have written. I am getting more into the green and natural things and once I have my garden I know I will post alot about that especially in the heat of the desert! 



Updates on my recent adventures

Well In my past blogs I posted about No-Poo and composting. Two adventures I wanted to take on in order to reduce waste and chemical usage in my home. Here are some updates on them both.

I gave into my chemical-laden shampoo. I could not stand the greasiness of my hair any longer. So my hair is back to falling out like it was before. I need to find a sulfate free shampoo or try some of the other methods I have found. I still am conditioning with Apple Cider Vinegar though and it does make my hair soft and shiny still as well as not as prone to tangling which is a huge plus!

Composting has ultimately been a success so far. I am using a plastic bin out on my patio and adding in my fruit and veggie scraps from the kitchen, paper and any leaves that blow onto my patio from the trees. It is already turning into the wonderful black gold! I know I still have a while before I can use it, especially because I don’t have much in my bin but it is still a start.

This weekend I am hoping to go out and buy seeds, pots and soil to start my patio garden but if it is busy again I may not get a chance.

Happy Thursday!

Composting in a Condo/apartment

So today I took the plunge and am starting to compost in a bin on my patio! My neighbor is composting and I have wanted to for a while but was too scared to start the process. Well today I got the guts and pulled out my plastic 20 gallon tote and filled it with leaves and fruit scraps from today. I need to get some dirt to add in, and maybe worms, to help the process along but knowing I am taking yet another step towards being “green” means just that much less goes in the garbage. Especially in a city state that doesn’t really do recycling!

Next stop will be to the store to get potting soil and pots to start growing fruits and veggies. I have celery I am trying to grow from the base of the stalk, a potato and cantaloupe seeds from a cantaloupe I cut up today. I would like to do the topsy turvy tomatoes that grow upside down just because I think they look awesome! I have to figure out what else I can grow and if it is too late to start growing anything especially with the heat of summer just around the corner.

Thank you!

I just wanted to post a thank you to all my followers. I am honestly surprised that I have 17 followers. It has taken me a year and a half or so but I never thought I would get anyone to follow my blog! I guess I just need to keep on posting even though it seems like such minimal things I guess people really are interested in what I have to say despite everything else available on the web, 


Thank you to all my followers!

Healthy lifestyles

What do you think is part of a healthy lifestyle? Does it have to do with what you put in your body, or how about what you use to clean your home?

 I think it has everything to do with all of those and then some. I have a friend who goes between vegetarian and vegan as well as gardening and only using organic food. I want to take the step to organic only but it is an expensive step. I also want to grow my own fruits and vegetables so that I know exactly what is put in the soil and on the plants. Slowly my family is making changes to eat more fruits and vegetables and get away from the typical western diet of junk food. 

Another part of getting healthy, I am starting to limit the use of commercial cleaning products in my home. I still have a few bottles under the sink but they are just gathering dust now. Once my laundry soap is finished up I will be making my own so that I know what is getting used to wash the clothing we wear on a daily basis. I am also only using baking soda and apple cider vinegar for my hair( see my posts on no-poo). I will be starting week three of this experiment in just a few days and so far my hair has never been better! 

All in all getting rid of chemicals and junk from our lives has a dramatic impact on the way we feel and the way we look. Just think about it, how did people way back when get along with no fast food, 8oz sodas, no chemicals that we have now? They did not have the  health problems, diabetes and obesity epidemic we have today, that is one thing for sure!