Composting in a Condo/apartment

So today I took the plunge and am starting to compost in a bin on my patio! My neighbor is composting and I have wanted to for a while but was too scared to start the process. Well today I got the guts and pulled out my plastic 20 gallon tote and filled it with leaves and fruit scraps from today. I need to get some dirt to add in, and maybe worms, to help the process along but knowing I am taking yet another step towards being “green” means just that much less goes in the garbage. Especially in a city state that doesn’t really do recycling!

Next stop will be to the store to get potting soil and pots to start growing fruits and veggies. I have celery I am trying to grow from the base of the stalk, a potato and cantaloupe seeds from a cantaloupe I cut up today. I would like to do the topsy turvy tomatoes that grow upside down just because I think they look awesome! I have to figure out what else I can grow and if it is too late to start growing anything especially with the heat of summer just around the corner.


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