Updates on my recent adventures

Well In my past blogs I posted about No-Poo and composting. Two adventures I wanted to take on in order to reduce waste and chemical usage in my home. Here are some updates on them both.

I gave into my chemical-laden shampoo. I could not stand the greasiness of my hair any longer. So my hair is back to falling out like it was before. I need to find a sulfate free shampoo or try some of the other methods I have found. I still am conditioning with Apple Cider Vinegar though and it does make my hair soft and shiny still as well as not as prone to tangling which is a huge plus!

Composting has ultimately been a success so far. I am using a plastic bin out on my patio and adding in my fruit and veggie scraps from the kitchen, paper and any leaves that blow onto my patio from the trees. It is already turning into the wonderful black gold! I know I still have a while before I can use it, especially because I don’t have much in my bin but it is still a start.

This weekend I am hoping to go out and buy seeds, pots and soil to start my patio garden but if it is busy again I may not get a chance.

Happy Thursday!


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