Take Two

Well I am back to no-poo after reading information on hard water and no-poo. Turns out I need to boil my water or use distilled water to wash my hair. So I tried boiling it and my hair is definitely loads better than before! No greasy nasty mess like what happened my first trial run so I am pretty excited about that. 

Today I finally bought soil and pots. I have celery growing from the butt of a celery stalk and a potato that started growing in my pantry, both are now in pots instead of glasses of water. I dumped the rest of the soil into my compost to help that along since I was starting to get a lot of little flies (no bad smell though) as I am pretty sure it was too wet and I wasn’t adding enough dry stuff in there to combat it. Now my bin is half full instead of a quarter and that should help out a lot! 


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