Removing commercialism…

Another small step toward getting rid of commercial chemical laden products in my home! So as I have been posting, my husband and I have gone no-poo. Right now we are between using toothpaste and using baking soda or just brushing with water. I use vinegar and dish soap to clean my tub. A good scrubbing with hot water (maybe vinegar) for pretty much any other hard surface.  Well today I took the step to make my own laundry soap and it was really, really simple. I have a big tub of commercial detergent so I kept putting off making my own. Well today I finally decided “who cares? I want to do this!” and I bought the items to make my laundry soap, made it, washed a load of laundry and am happy with the results. 


Here is my recipe what I decided on after searching high and low over the web. If you need tips just search homemade laundry soap and it will take you where you need. There are many recipes that all have slight variations, and this is mine for my hard water. 

1 cup grated pink Zote soap 

1/2 cup washing soda*

1/2 cup baking soda

1 cup Borax, divided

7 cups water, divided

*You can make your own washing soda by cooking baking soda at 400 degrees F for half an hour or so until it starts turning a light golden brown. Store in an airtight container if you make more than what is needed for this recipe.

Boil 3 cups water and add in grated soap. Stir until dissolved. Add in washing soda and 1/2 cup Borax and remaining water, let the mixture simmer while stirring constantly. Let cool and then add in baking soda and remaining Borax. Whisk or use a mixer until all mixed together. Pour into an old laundry detergent container or a glass jar, what ever you have on hand. I just used a scoop from my laundry detergent, so I think it measures about  1/4cup for small load and 1/2cup for large load. Gauge your laundry though, you may need to use more or less depending on your water and how dirty the load is.

I used mine about an hour after that final mixing. I was too impatient to let sit 24 hours like everything I read. However it worked beautifully on what I did wash. Doesn’t quit get out all stains but it doesn’t bother me since it wasn’t clothing (note to self: find good pre-treatment). My towels came out soft without using chemical fabric softener or adding white distilled vinegar to the washing machine. Only one load so there is not much to be said from it but I am excited to see how it works over time with our clothing. 


Slowly but surely eliminating those nasty chemicals from my home and feeling better for it. Next will be natural dish soap, I wonder if I could use the laundry soap on dishes? I want to make my own soap eventually but once my supply runs out (that I have had for close to two years now…) I am going to buy natural soap unless I developed the guts to make my own! 


Happy Tuesday everyone!


Gardens, No-Poo and work!

So I re-entered the work force for the first time in nearly three years, needless to say I have been focused on that and spending time with my family more than anything else. I am enjoying getting out of the house but I am really missing my kids! I just have to see what time brings for me and working though.

I found my method f no-poo and can go a week between washes (maybe more but I don’t want to push it right now). Best part is, no one at work can tell! I definitely feel much better about my hair, well aside from the day after I wash or if I am in a rush and blow dry. Blow drying my hair makes it a frizzy mess just like the day after I wash, YIKES!

On the plus, my garden is growing and I am very excited. Albeit worried because of the heat we have been experiencing. Tomatoes, cantaloupe, green beans, garlic, green onion, watermelon and potato. Tried growing mint but it just didn’t happen. Oh, I have lettuce growing too from the base of a romaine head I purchased! I received some red wrigglers in the mail for my compost so I am hoping that helps along with my compost, well composting process. I just have to wait and see though again because of the heat I don’t want the poor worms to die but the hubby doesn’t want that bin in the house.

Overall I have been busy with life and still haven’t figured out how to get my pictures up here so that is something I will work on so I can share my lovely garden and my hair with no-poo even though I have no before pictures of that. I will try to keep updates at least once a week but I am getting busy with work and family that it is hard to find time!

Happy Thursday!

A garden is growing!

I am officially excited about my garden. Yes it may be in pots on my patio but it is still my garden all the same. Today when I went out this morning to check on my plants I found Basil, Cantaloupe and potato have sprouted leaves above the dirt. When I checked again this afternoon, Green Beans and Garlic had sprouted! I am so excited for when I am able to harvest the goods from my garden and am collaborating with my neighbor to trade fruits and veggies that we grow as she will be starting her garden soon too. 

I started my first official job in nearly three years, on Friday, so I may not be posting updates as often. I will post pictures as soon as my plants are a little more obviously growing and my garden is flourishing. *knockonwood* I am hoping they last the brutal heat as it was over 104f today in the shade according to my thermometer. Yikes!