A garden is growing!

I am officially excited about my garden. Yes it may be in pots on my patio but it is still my garden all the same. Today when I went out this morning to check on my plants I found Basil, Cantaloupe and potato have sprouted leaves above the dirt. When I checked again this afternoon, Green Beans and Garlic had sprouted! I am so excited for when I am able to harvest the goods from my garden and am collaborating with my neighbor to trade fruits and veggies that we grow as she will be starting her garden soon too. 

I started my first official job in nearly three years, on Friday, so I may not be posting updates as often. I will post pictures as soon as my plants are a little more obviously growing and my garden is flourishing. *knockonwood* I am hoping they last the brutal heat as it was over 104f today in the shade according to my thermometer. Yikes! 


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