Adding to the family or buying a home?

Oh the dilemma’s of a family who is renting. We have decided that we want to add to our family and try for a darling daughter but we also want to buy a home instead of throwing money away on rent each month. I stay home, my loving husband works full time and then some so we can pay the bills but I know it is not enough to buy a house unless I can get a job that alternate’s with his hours (meaning I have to work over night) so we don’t have to pay for daycare, which adds up quickly for two children toddlers. It also means we will have to pay much more for insurance if I am working because we won’t qualify for subsidies. Not to mention the husband’s work does not offer insurance and he has to pick his own plan.  We live a modest life and try to save some each month and starting next year we have made the decision to save every extra cent we can to put towards buying a house and building our savings since we are extremely lacking in both even after 4 years together. 


Did you ever come up against this choice? What did you choose? Or what advice do you have for me being in this situation? Build our family now and buy a house later or wait to add on? We are mid-20’s so it isn’t like my clock is ticking yet but I still don’t want to wait too long either. 


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