Forks and Socks

I know I have not been posting and frankly I don’t have much inspiration to post about lately but I found something today while feeding the kids lunch. Their forks always disappear! I liken it to a pair of socks, you know how one always gets lost between putting it in the washer and pulling it out of the dryer? Well I buy sets of utensils for the kids (you know the plastic, kid friendly, spoon and fork sets that they can’t damage anything with?), and I ALWAYS seem to lose the forks! I have at least 8 spoons now, to two forks. Where do they go? Lost some where between the table and putting dishes away after they are washed. Sheesh I wish I could find this abyss where all those items seem to go. I could be rich! Charge people admission to find their lost things… Oh yeah that would be the life:) In all reality though, do you have that problem, where you always seem to misplace one of a pair?


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