Change of Pace (Yet again!)

Well it has been a long time since I last posted/was able to post. Three boys, quitting my business and just trying to keep up on the house and full time college take up a lot of time! I am going to try to start posting more as I get into a new routine with school and now that I have the hang of three little boys. Life should get easier, right? Anyone? Uh oh….


We are starting to get into prepping because you never know what will happen. Right now we have a bucket of freeze dried meals that would last us 3 days. We need to start getting more water stored up but we could make it about 2 days with the water we have at this moment. I purchased a dehydrator about a year ago and have not used it a whole lot. i did use it a few months ago to dry shredded potatoes for future hash browns. It didn’t turn out too bad when I re-hydrated some of them to cook. Today I am going to attempt to dehydrate some chicken and onions. If nothing else it will make my house smell good! We want to be more self-sustaining even though we are living in a condo, learning to preserve food for long term storage is still a good skill to learn and to have food saved for an unimaginable event or even loss of income.

Another thing we are doing is looking into unschooling. I have come across it a few times over the past few years in researching on homeschool methods. I keep getting drawn back to it with more recently being Whole Life or Radical Unschooling. Simply speaking it is taking a more laid back approach to raising kids. Letting them dictate what they want to learn and letting natural consequences dictate their actions. Basically, just say yes more! It seems to fit with what I currently do with teaching, now to change parenting styles and get the husband on board with it! We will see what time brings since our oldest is now 4 years old so we need to start deciding something soon!


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