Recovery from the weekend

We took a trip this weekend to visit with family and to officially celebrate my oldest son’s birthday. A weekend of gorging ourselves on pizza, tamales and cake. Now suffering the after math of it all when we are trying to eat more healthy at home. Oh well one weekend won’t set us back too much from that goal. Time to get back into the normal routine and get working on homework for the coming week. Joys of going back to college with three little boys at home and one computer. It is difficult to say the least! It will be worth it in a year or two when I am done and graduating with my Associate’s degree though. I probably will never go for my Bachelor’s degree but there is not much need for me to do so. My dream is having my own home daycare which I don’t need a degree for. Aside from that would be to have my own home away from civilization and being self-sustaining where I wouldn’t really need much of an income at all to survive.


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