Spring Break!

The most coveted time for most high school and college students. Being a college student after years away, I have never really cared for spring break. Just a week off to do what I need to do. Now as a mother I have kids to take care of and housework to catch up on since I have been slacking with trying to keep up with homework and tests. My break started off with this weekend and my in-laws coming up to visit. We ate at a buffet then went shooting. It was a long day but fun and the boys got to play with their tio (uncle) so they had a blast as well. I am fortunate to have in-laws I get along with unlike many horror stories that I hear!

Today is back to the normal of this household, well if you can call life with three boys normal! I discovered two of my goldfish have fin rot after having them for a year and a half. So I took some steps to help them but need to find some medicine for them to help them heal. Baby is wanting to be held constantly today and the older two have been driving me nuts playing constantly and won’t sit still. I wouldn’t trade this life for anything though because I love these kids so much and they make my world go round!

Being a mom of young kid’s isn’t easy. Heck being a parent in general is not easy. It is so worth it to see their smiles, hear their laughter, and watch them sleep, that wonderful moment when they are dreaming and there is silence in the house. You can’t deny you love that moment too!

Here is to my spring break and hoping I can get some fun time in here as well before I start up with homework next week!


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