Every blog I visit seems to take amazing pictures. Yet here I am and can’t seem to take pictures and upload them to make my own blog look amazing. Am I the only one out there that doesn’t take pictures for every post that I do? I have a digital camera that my boys have broken (but is still usable) and I have a really crappy camera on my phone. I don’t have the means to invest in a high end camera to take amazing resolution pictures to add but yet I feel so behind the times I guess when everyone else has pictures. How did you do it? Did you start out with no pictures or was that the first thing that you did? I guess we all start somewhere. Maybe I need to go back and remake all my recipes just so that I can take pictures and re-do each of my posts.

Well here is an old picture from 2007 when I visited Italy. It is a copy of the Statue of David. We couldn’t take pictures of the real one.

Statue of David


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