Birthday Week

My birthday was yesterday. Happy birthday to me:/ Another year old, another year wiser, and three kids and two dogs later… Husband was home for 3 days so we did 3 days of celebrating and going out to dinner. We enjoyed our time together since the last time he was home it was only for a day. He has been gone since the middle of August. So it was a nice change to go out and spend time as a family, and have a date with no kids. Our babysitter is amazing to say the least.

All the same, it also means I have been eating like crap since the hubby has been home. I need to get back into the swing of things and eating healthier. My favorite lately is Tuna Burgers. I found this great recipe online and need to find it again to share. Basically it is 2 cans of tuna in water (drained), italian seasoned breadcrumbs, 1 egg, salt, pepper, grated carrot. Mix it together and cook in a pan. I eat it with a little mayo and mustard, no bun. It is amazing. Once I figure out what site the recipe is on, I will share it.

2 months in to being a Trucker Wife

I finally got to see my amazing husband this past weekend, after he had been gone for 7 weeks. Negative aspect to him coming home though was that on his way through our city with his load, he hit a buck. Well the buck completely ripped out the left head light and did quite a bit of damage to the bumper and fenders. So hubby stayed here longer than planned and had to get his loads changed for someone else to pick up. Then I had to drive him about 2 hours away to get a new cab so he could get back to working. It was a great time together though. Then we got great news today that they accepted him onto a dedicated fleet so he will get home most weekends and most nights! Just when I am getting used to running the house alone:p

It is hard though running the house with three boys all under 5 and two dogs. I get to do all the grocery shopping, running my oldest to soccer practice and games, trying to get to meetings with our homeschool group, making sure all the bills are paid, walking the dogs at least 4 times a day,  plus anything else that comes up. It is a lot of work to say the least and I have gotten so overwhelmed on more than one occasion. I wish I was still near my family but I don’t miss the high rent where they live!

OTR (over the road) trucking isn’t a career for everyone. I know my hubby loves being in a new place every day so I support him and run everything at home. A trucker may be strong, but his wife has to be even stronger!

Earning extra cash while shopping!

Saving money is on most people’s minds. Especially families with one parent who stays home. I use a few different apps to get cash back for grocery shopping. Yes that’s right, I got shoping, upload my receipt and check off a few items. Then get cash back!

My top earning app so far has been Ibotta. It covers a wide amount of retailers and products. You can download it at , this one I get cash to my PayPal or you can get a gift card. If you use my link to join, it helps us both out as we can get bonuses for  being on a team and redeeming a certain amount of products each month!

Checkout51 is another one I use, which I haven’t been as successful with. Even $0.25 back of each shopping trip can add up though! Even more if you buy more of the products that are offered (which isn’t a wide variety). When you reach $20 you can get a check.

Receipt Hog is simple, just upload your receipt after shopping and you will earn tokens or spins depending on the retailer. You can download that at and add my referral code bruft686 , we will both get extra spins when you do! This app you can get PayPal cash or Amazon gift cards.

The most recent one I have started using is Snap by Groupon. I haven’t found many good offers yet but as I said before, any cash back adds up! You can download the app here Snap by Groupon This app you have to reach $20 before you can cash out and you will receive a check as well.

Just a few ways to earn some cash back from your shopping, no matter how small of an amount. If you take the time to plan your shopping, check your apps for available products and remember to input the details after you get home then it will add up fast!

Disclaimer: The above apps posted are with referral links that do give me credit for joining. Some apps do give you a bonus when you use my link. Others will give us both bonuses overtime as we reach certain levels as a team. They cost nothing to you for using the link.