2 months in to being a Trucker Wife

I finally got to see my amazing husband this past weekend, after he had been gone for 7 weeks. Negative aspect to him coming home though was that on his way through our city with his load, he hit a buck. Well the buck completely ripped out the left head light and did quite a bit of damage to the bumper and fenders. So hubby stayed here longer than planned and had to get his loads changed for someone else to pick up. Then I had to drive him about 2 hours away to get a new cab so he could get back to working. It was a great time together though. Then we got great news today that they accepted him onto a dedicated fleet so he will get home most weekends and most nights! Just when I am getting used to running the house alone:p

It is hard though running the house with three boys all under 5 and two dogs. I get to do all the grocery shopping, running my oldest to soccer practice and games, trying to get to meetings with our homeschool group, making sure all the bills are paid, walking the dogs at least 4 times a day,  plus anything else that comes up. It is a lot of work to say the least and I have gotten so overwhelmed on more than one occasion. I wish I was still near my family but I don’t miss the high rent where they live!

OTR (over the road) trucking isn’t a career for everyone. I know my hubby loves being in a new place every day so I support him and run everything at home. A trucker may be strong, but his wife has to be even stronger!


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