Such a taboo topic. Education in a form not in a classroom, or even a curriculum. Letting the child choose what they want to do and learn. While I went through public school myself, I had a hard time. I didn’t like learning or sitting in the classroom. I wanted to read. All day, every day. Just anything my heart desired.  Sitting in a class made that hard and I would get in trouble for it. I hated reading anything that was assigned, and most of the time never did more than skim through and look online about the book. I don’t want that for my kids. I want them to love learning and enjoy every aspect. To reach out and fulfill their goals, what ever it may be.

My oldest is 4, he is fascinated with calculators right now and learning basic math. All because he wants to learn. He learned his letters and colors because I had posters and he was always asking what something was. My 3 year old is more into his toys right now than learning things his brother is and that is just fine too. He is learning how to make things balance, how steep a hill he needs for cars to race down, or just creating a story for his stuffed animals. They both like to play video games and watch tv. They crawl into bed with me as they need to fulfill their desire to be close, they tell me when they want to eat, still working on getting them to recognize they are tired but it will come with time. Watching them play is beautiful because they are learning.

For now it is something we are trying to fully get into as our lifestyle, not just for education but time will dictate if we need something else for our family. So far this is working out and all we need 🙂


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  1. I really like your points overall. All people have
    completely different needs, and school can’t possibly accommodate

    At times they’ll become so disheartened that they
    lose all interest in things they would once take pleasure in.

    If they genuinely had a choice, they might be much happier.
    As opposed to being required to keep on participating, they
    need to be able to elect to leave.

    I wish that absolutely everyone would observe precisely how destructive it
    really is to their children!

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