Daddy’s Home!

Well my hard-working husband was home for a whole 4 days!! Longest he has been home in a while. It was really nice having family time, even better that we homeschool so my oldest didn’t get to miss out on time with him while he went to school. I know our life is a bit easier that other positions or professions since he generally gets home every week or every other week. He is never out longer than that, even though his manager tries to make him be out longer. If nothing else we take the drive to go visit him where he picks up his loads so we can at least have a few hours together. Not that it makes up for the days he is away but the boy’s are used to it now, as hard as it is. Either way, we enjoy every minute when Daddy does get home because that is what a family does. We go out together and try to not schedule anything important that would cut into that time.

The past few days while he was home, we mainly stayed home and enjoyed the time. The boy’s played video games with Daddy, read books, played outside… Just a laid back few days. Daddy also tried to fix my washing machine that stopped working, which I reported to the landlord because we couldn’t make it work. He donated blood( better him than me, it makes me sick). He also took all the laundry I had to get it washed, since the only one by us is a bit awful. He said there were people on drugs, people wanting to “hold” our youngest(which he took not realizing how bad it was and brought him back home immediately), and someone trying to sell gold jewelry at a discount (or so they said). Not a place I would feel comfortable taking the kids to while I did laundry.

He definitely takes care of us, and puts up with my madness so he is a keeper 🙂


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