End of January Update

Well I feel like this month was a bust. The past week I didn’t really work out or watch my calories. From start to finish I only lost 1lb ultimately. I know I am a little stronger than when I started but definitely not the progress I wanted to make. Oh well, I won’t give up. I will keep pushing to my goal of getting in shape. I just need to stay on track with working out and eating better. Here is to a new month and making more changes!

Week 3

Well This past week didn’t go as planned. I was a bit lazy between one of my kids being sick, then me getting sick from him. I did drop to 142.2lbs but that was about it. I still have a long way to go to reach my goals. I have stuck with my routine though which is a huge plus for me. One more week, then next month will be a new eating plan and not just watching calories. I have the husband on board as well. Being a truck driver he is pretty limited out on the road but he is make conscious food changes at least, so it is a start!


Here is to continuing healthy changes and improving myself!

Week 1 results

In the first week of making changes in my life, I lost 2.4lbs. I don’t have tons to lose but it is still a nice change. I have been counting calories with MyFitnessPal as well as exercising every day. I am already sleeping better and feeling stronger(even if I only use 2lb weights). I am not going to give up on this goal for a better me. I had a set back yesterday but will bounce back to it today. I can’t let anything keep me away from my goal. Sure I want to lose about 25lbs, but my goal is to be healthier and to be in the best shape of my life. I know muscle weighs more than fat so I doubt I will reach that weight-loss goal, but I am ok with with that because I know I will look better and feel better about myself.

2017 Resolution

This is going to be a new year and a new me. Eating better, working out, and over all just improving myself. I am 27 years old and a mother to three amazing boy’s.  I was 120lbs when I got with my husband.  I am now 146lbs. Which isn’t too bad given the circumstances. However I am ready for a change.

My plan for January:

More mindful eating(less processed food, less junk) and tracking calories

Working out 6 days a week with Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred


Try keto(low carb, high fat and protein), change caloric intake if needed

Round 2 of 30DS and add JM 6 Week Abs


Continue mindful eating

Finish 6 Week Abs mid-month

Finish round 2 of 30DS

Decide next steps to take in achieving my goal.