A better Me

I have been starting to make changes in my life again to be healthier. I have been a bit lazy in recent times with everything going on so it is time to get back to it. First, I have a homemade toothpast. I did research and came up with my own mixture that has actually been remineralizing my teeth and minor cavities I had, as well as decrease the sensitivity. Not to mention it has whitened them from the commercial whitening paste I had been using for months. I can’t promise it works for everyone but it did work for me. Mine is a mix of coconut oil,baking soda, ground cloves, salt, powdered egg shell(heard it was the best way to get calcium over using a powder form), and a few drops of tea tree and peppermint essential oils. I just sort of blended everything together so I dont have exact measurements, I did fill up a small baby food jar with it.  I am going to see what happens after a month but I think I will need to get the rest of my family on board with it if it really does heal my cavities. 2 are noticeably healing(small holes and one was pretty deep), and I had dark sticky spots on two molars that are getting lighter as well. I wish I took pictures but i was too skeptical to believe it!

Second, I have been doing a 30 Day Ab and Squat Challenge.  I am on Day 14 and still going strong. My last challenge I failed after the first week. I have noticed some changes at this point and am feeling better about myself already.  It is an easy way to get into a routine and starts out easy for those who are out of shape like myself.

Next will be getting back to no-poo since I have stopped when my baby was born a year ago. I definitely notice the difference since my hair is a lot more frizzy as well as dandruff coming back.

Starting January I am going to attempt a 30 Day Whole Food challenge as well as another workout challenge.  I have a lot I want to do, I just need to keep my mind on it to follow through!



Removing commercialism…

Another small step toward getting rid of commercial chemical laden products in my home! So as I have been posting, my husband and I have gone no-poo. Right now we are between using toothpaste and using baking soda or just brushing with water. I use vinegar and dish soap to clean my tub. A good scrubbing with hot water (maybe vinegar) for pretty much any other hard surface.  Well today I took the step to make my own laundry soap and it was really, really simple. I have a big tub of commercial detergent so I kept putting off making my own. Well today I finally decided “who cares? I want to do this!” and I bought the items to make my laundry soap, made it, washed a load of laundry and am happy with the results. 


Here is my recipe what I decided on after searching high and low over the web. If you need tips just search homemade laundry soap and it will take you where you need. There are many recipes that all have slight variations, and this is mine for my hard water. 

1 cup grated pink Zote soap 

1/2 cup washing soda*

1/2 cup baking soda

1 cup Borax, divided

7 cups water, divided

*You can make your own washing soda by cooking baking soda at 400 degrees F for half an hour or so until it starts turning a light golden brown. Store in an airtight container if you make more than what is needed for this recipe.

Boil 3 cups water and add in grated soap. Stir until dissolved. Add in washing soda and 1/2 cup Borax and remaining water, let the mixture simmer while stirring constantly. Let cool and then add in baking soda and remaining Borax. Whisk or use a mixer until all mixed together. Pour into an old laundry detergent container or a glass jar, what ever you have on hand. I just used a scoop from my laundry detergent, so I think it measures about  1/4cup for small load and 1/2cup for large load. Gauge your laundry though, you may need to use more or less depending on your water and how dirty the load is.

I used mine about an hour after that final mixing. I was too impatient to let sit 24 hours like everything I read. However it worked beautifully on what I did wash. Doesn’t quit get out all stains but it doesn’t bother me since it wasn’t clothing (note to self: find good pre-treatment). My towels came out soft without using chemical fabric softener or adding white distilled vinegar to the washing machine. Only one load so there is not much to be said from it but I am excited to see how it works over time with our clothing. 


Slowly but surely eliminating those nasty chemicals from my home and feeling better for it. Next will be natural dish soap, I wonder if I could use the laundry soap on dishes? I want to make my own soap eventually but once my supply runs out (that I have had for close to two years now…) I am going to buy natural soap unless I developed the guts to make my own! 


Happy Tuesday everyone!


It’s that time of the year!

We got our Christmas tree yesterday, and it is all decorated with lights and ornaments. I can’t believe another year has come and gone so soon! I have to get working on the presents especially since my family is having Christmas early due to them going out of town over the actual holiday. I am getting the pictures tonight so hopefully I will be able to start working on making the coasters and then just to figure out one more gift for close family friends. 


What are you doing for Christmas? Or if you don’t celebrate Christmas what do you celebrate this time of year?

Another day, another project

You know the plastic grocery bags you get from shopping? Yeah those. Well I have a lot of them. We use some for the cat litter to clean out the box, my wonderful husband uses them to take lunch to work, well that is about it. So last night I went through most of the bags and pulled out the bags with no holes to set aside for the cat litter. What should I do with the rest? A while ago I had found online how to fuse the bags to make sheets of plastic to sew together for bags, purses or whatnot. I also know you can crochet with it. So I took the latter option and started making plarn (plastic yarn). Once I cut up a few bags I started connection the pieces together and crocheting to make a reusable bag. Not sure how well it will turn out but at least it will give a purpose to the plastic bags! 


I am still working on work4free.tk. Over $70 made so far and a few great things redeemed. A train set, phone cover, screen protectors, $40 in Wal-Mart gift cards (and another $10 one on the way). I haven’t been spending much time on it lately even though I should with Christmas around the corner. It is a great way to buy gifts you otherwise could not afford! 

Updates in the life of this Crafty Mommy…

Well potty training the little monster has been a challenge. But isn’t potty training always a challenge? Trying to get him out of diapers to create one less thing we have to buy but the only thing that is happening is me taking him to the potty since he won’t tell me he has to go. Still less diapers being used which is always a positive!

I have been trying to plan Christmas gifts since September and still only have two gifts. So my planning has gone no where fast. Oh well I still have a few weeks left since Christmas is getting celebrated early due to family going out of town before the wonderful holiday. I have found quite a few ideas though that I want to make. Just have to find a way to get the money to get the items to make said gifts.

First is Photo Coasters from Oopsy Daisy. I am going to try these using Mod Podge and acrylic sealer paint. Need to get some cute pictures of the little monsters though so that I can make them!

The second one is Gel Air freshener’s from One Good Thing by Jillee. I think these would go great with my family since they have pets that tend to stink up their homes.

Still trying to look for other ideas though since I don’t know how well those will work once I try them!

My lovely husband is all done with Deer season. So we have chunks of meat in our freezer from the harvested deer’s of two people in his hunting party. We have used some for roast, stew and meatballs. Still need to cook more and get used to the taste!

And finally, I have a blanket I started when my handsome toddler was born. Well I finally started working on it again, using my leftover yarn to continue the crocheted blanket. A lot of different colors and probably big enough for a twin bed right now but I think once all my scrap is used it will be big enough for my bed!

Trying new things…

Potty training is going with the toddler. Not always successful but there are still some successes all the same. Less diapers to be used!

Last night it sort of dawned on me that all the diaper boxes we get when we buy diapers for the kids, well I can reuse those to make cat scratchers instead of tossing them out. And I have been buying diapers and the cardboard scratchers for how long :/ Oh well never too late to start recycling! We do recycle glass and plastics though. We are also going to try to potty train the cats. Less litter we have to buy, therefore less waste. But in the process of doing that we are going to try to use shredded paper in the box(the already read newspaper, all the random papers we get and don’t need, etc…).

We have always tried to recycle glass and plastic. As of last night I am going to start using the newspaper for the cats, and the cardboard diaper boxes to make cat scratchers. I have a lot of cereal in my cupboard right now (8 boxes worth, we buy it but never eat it) so I am trying to find something to do with those.

What do you do to reuse or recycle?

Home Cooking and Crafting

So our financial situation has not been the best which has resulted in us eating home for just about all meals. Plus of that is my dear husband is losing weight between no fast food meals and what he does at work. No I just need to start losing this baby weight!

With two boys on my hands I have not had much free time to create or promote my business. Part of life I guess. Though I am finally working on a blanket that I started about the time my first son was born and just shoved it to the back of my closet to forget about until the other day. Using up all my scrap yarn to create it that way I have an excuse to buy new yarn to create projects from!

However I am trying a few new online sites to make money, that are in the previous post. So far they have not amounted to much but we will see as time goes on. Also debating on a few other business ideas to start up but they all need money to start up which is something I don’t have right now. Till then I will continue searching for a job that is working for someone else until I have the capital to follow one of the ideas that I have.

Time for updating!

Well it has been a few months since my last post. To update I had my little boy July 18th so I have been a lot more busy to say the least. Now that I am in the swing of things with having two kids I am getting back on track for school and hopefully getting my craft business up and running.

I had a few setbacks that got me down but everything is back going well so I am hoping it stays that way. However we all know how life goes and it is just a roller coaster so when we least expect it, it throws us for a loop! Only thing we can do it sit down, hold on and hope that the car doesn’t fly off the track!

Check me out on Facebook or shoot me an email if interested in purchasing something I have made, or can make to customize for you!


Email: craftymommyoftwo@gmail.com

Craft Fairs and Farmer Markets?

Maybe that is something I should consider to get my business actually up and running. I just need to have a lot of product on hand as well as make up some business cards or something so that I can give it to customers and people who come by to check out my booth.

Worth a shot if I can get things made to sell.

On another note I am having another boy!

Back on Track

I started school again this past Monday, only one class and then mid-April will be 3 classes. At least this semester will get me back on track and going to school.

I need ideas on what to make and am at a loss. Any ideas? I made me a bag and wallet and made my mom a big tote bag. Not sure what else I should make. I do have some fabric, probably enough to make another bag but I want to get the canvas straps like I used on my mom’s bag. So many choices just need to decide what I want to do.