End of January Update

Well I feel like this month was a bust. The past week I didn’t really work out or watch my calories. From start to finish I only lost 1lb ultimately. I know I am a little stronger than when I started but definitely not the progress I wanted to make. Oh well, I won’t give up. I will keep pushing to my goal of getting in shape. I just need to stay on track with working out and eating better. Here is to a new month and making more changes!

Week 3

Well This past week didn’t go as planned. I was a bit lazy between one of my kids being sick, then me getting sick from him. I did drop to 142.2lbs but that was about it. I still have a long way to go to reach my goals. I have stuck with my routine though which is a huge plus for me. One more week, then next month will be a new eating plan and not just watching calories. I have the husband on board as well. Being a truck driver he is pretty limited out on the road but he is make conscious food changes at least, so it is a start!


Here is to continuing healthy changes and improving myself!

Week 1 results

In the first week of making changes in my life, I lost 2.4lbs. I don’t have tons to lose but it is still a nice change. I have been counting calories with MyFitnessPal as well as exercising every day. I am already sleeping better and feeling stronger(even if I only use 2lb weights). I am not going to give up on this goal for a better me. I had a set back yesterday but will bounce back to it today. I can’t let anything keep me away from my goal. Sure I want to lose about 25lbs, but my goal is to be healthier and to be in the best shape of my life. I know muscle weighs more than fat so I doubt I will reach that weight-loss goal, but I am ok with with that because I know I will look better and feel better about myself.

2017 Resolution

This is going to be a new year and a new me. Eating better, working out, and over all just improving myself. I am 27 years old and a mother to three amazing boy’s.  I was 120lbs when I got with my husband.  I am now 146lbs. Which isn’t too bad given the circumstances. However I am ready for a change.

My plan for January:

More mindful eating(less processed food, less junk) and tracking calories

Working out 6 days a week with Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred


Try keto(low carb, high fat and protein), change caloric intake if needed

Round 2 of 30DS and add JM 6 Week Abs


Continue mindful eating

Finish 6 Week Abs mid-month

Finish round 2 of 30DS

Decide next steps to take in achieving my goal.



First Day of School

The official first day of school for our district was on Monday, August 29th. My oldest would have started in kindergarten. Instead he spent the morning sleeping in. Just how it should be. We read books, played video games, basically a typical day in our home. His first day of school picture is him curled up and asleep in bed. Getting all the rest he needs so that he can grow and function through the day. I was so worried about my choice until Monday came around. Then I realized that this is the right choice for us at this moment in time. The future may dictate something else but for now this works. He can learn at his own pace, play when he wants, sleep when he wants, most importantly he can learn what he wants (which I assist with). Not to mention the freedom to go with Daddy’s schedule and not miss out on that valuable time.

Daddy’s Home!

Well my hard-working husband was home for a whole 4 days!! Longest he has been home in a while. It was really nice having family time, even better that we homeschool so my oldest didn’t get to miss out on time with him while he went to school. I know our life is a bit easier that other positions or professions since he generally gets home every week or every other week. He is never out longer than that, even though his manager tries to make him be out longer. If nothing else we take the drive to go visit him where he picks up his loads so we can at least have a few hours together. Not that it makes up for the days he is away but the boy’s are used to it now, as hard as it is. Either way, we enjoy every minute when Daddy does get home because that is what a family does. We go out together and try to not schedule anything important that would cut into that time.

The past few days while he was home, we mainly stayed home and enjoyed the time. The boy’s played video games with Daddy, read books, played outside… Just a laid back few days. Daddy also tried to fix my washing machine that stopped working, which I reported to the landlord because we couldn’t make it work. He donated blood( better him than me, it makes me sick). He also took all the laundry I had to get it washed, since the only one by us is a bit awful. He said there were people on drugs, people wanting to “hold” our youngest(which he took not realizing how bad it was and brought him back home immediately), and someone trying to sell gold jewelry at a discount (or so they said). Not a place I would feel comfortable taking the kids to while I did laundry.

He definitely takes care of us, and puts up with my madness so he is a keeper 🙂

Hardest part of homeschooling…

So this is purely my opinion of the matter, since everyone feels differently.


I think the hardest decision I am facing with homeschooling, is what method to teach my children. I have been homeschooling since the birth of my oldest. It has been a decision I was set on before he was born. Fortunately my amazing husband has agreed and supported the decisions I have made in regards to our children’s education. I have looked at a lot of different methods for homeschooling too from standard curricula (like in a classroom or school) to unschooling (the far opposite end where it is child-led learning). When I first read about unschooling, I was against it. I thought “How can a child learn that way for everything they need to know to get through life?” . So I moved on and kept looking. Well I came across it again when my son was a little older. This time I joined groups, talked to people, and found success stories. Children learn things on their own from birth: how to hold up their head, how to grab something, how to eat solid foods, and I could go on. A child is naturally inclined to pursue things that are beneficial to them. Yes there are exceptions for those that need extra assistance due to disabilities or other issues, and unschooling is probably not the best fit. In general terms though, a child is eager to learn new things and as long as the parent/guardian is there to help the child in pursuing their interests then they will learn.

For me, I really do like what we have experienced the last 5 years with unschooling. My oldest has learned all of the basics (numbers, colors, letters) with my assistance when he was ready to learn them. Then he started getting interested in letter sounds, how to add and subtract numbers, how to read. Well I have helped him when he needs help. We research online things he wants to know, recently was how a dog can see when it is getting dark out. He uses a calculator to add numbers together and he loves it! He is learning how to read with a little of my assistance but mostly just from me reading every day to him and his brother’s. I do have concerns though from when I was going to school to be a teacher and from having family members that are teachers, including one who was home-schooled and has some social issues. I don’t think radical unschooling is for my family. We set limits on things and have a bedtime in place. I want to be sure my kids are not behind on grade level things that they should know. I also do not want to sit down with a curriculum every day and force my kids to learn something they are not interested in at that moment.

Ultimately this is the hardest choice I am facing right now. I want my kid’s to be free to pursue their interests but I also don’t want them to get so focused on one thing and neglect to learn anything else that they will need to be successful when they are adults. Not to mention, with unschooling I will have to face my family who already does not like the fact I homeschool let alone a child-led method. Fortunately it is only time to start kindergarten which is an easy year. I can postpone making a decision for another year, I hope.

Trucker Wife

So my husband is a truck driver, professional driver, what ever other terms there are for driving the big trucks on the road that haul our stuff to the stores. That makes me a trucker’s wife. He may not be out as long as some other drivers or even other professions, but with three young kid’s at home it seems like it is much longer. I home-school our children, we have no family out here and few friends, so the only reprieve I can get is when our babysitter is free (she works full time) or when he is home. Some days I feel like a single mom, minus the need to work to support my family, because I am so stressed over what needs to be done. Other days I enjoy every moment I get to spend with my children. This style of life isn’t easy, no matter how long you have been in it. Hubby drove for 5 months about 6 years ago but quit because our oldest was born.  He went back about a year ago, just before our baby turned 1 year old. The kid’s are used to it by now but some days it gets hard, especially the day after daddy leaves from being home for a few days. So I try to not plan anything the day or two following him being home so I can make life a bit easier on myself instead of having to tame tantrums all day long.  I can’t say I love this life but it is income, it puts food on the table, a roof over our heads, and clothes on our bodies. He enjoys driving and being in new places so he doesn’t get bored with the job unlike others in the past where he gets into a routine and it is the same day in and day out. Hubby just cannot stand that. I am thankful that he makes enough to support us so that I can stay home to raise our children and home-school them since public education here is not the best. There are worse things to be than a trucker wife. I know being a military spouse while your partner is on deployment is no easy feat. At least my hubby is home a few times a month and we have pretty much open contact with each other while he is driving from place to place. I wouldn’t change my life for anything though, because the joy the kid’s get at seeing daddy’s truck definitely makes it all worthwhile!

A Mom With Guns

Guns are such a taboo topic these days, along with a myriad of other subjects. You have people far off on one side wanting civilians disarmed. Then there is the other side that wants no regulation what so ever. Of course there are people that fall in between those two as well. What it comes down to is an extremely touchy subject that is difficult to bring up in conversation unless you know the person or are willing to get into a debate.

As for me, I am a gun owner. I also teach my children the simple rules from Eddie Eagle  as well as the cardinal rules of gun safety for my older two children who are starting to be interested in firearms. I think those are the absolute best ways to prevent accidents. There is also my responsibility as a parent; that is to ensure my firearms are kept locked away from my children so they cannot obtain access without permission and supervision.

I do carry a firearm on a daily basis when I leave the home. I hope that I never have to protect myself and children but I do not want to take that risk. It takes minutes for police to arrive, by that time myself and my children could be dead. I have yet to have a negative encounter from other people. Usually it is those who are surprised it is legal and ask how they can start carrying as well. Once in a while I get comments like ” If something happens here, I am coming to find you!”, from those that do not carry firearms but are supporting of the right to do so. I also live in a state where it is legal to do so, we have quite a bit more freedom than other states who infringe on citizens rights.

Firearms are not something to be afraid of. Take some time to educate yourself, take a trip to a gun range with an experienced instructor, you will find it is not scary at all. Remember criminals do not obey the law and a background check will not stop the majority of them from obtaining a firearm .  See the following links for examples, including a paper that surveyed criminals on various subjects with the focus being firearms for the paper.





I will end with the 2nd Amendment “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

5 years old

My oldest turned 5 earlier this month. Time seems to be flying by and I am not ready for what is to come. The positive of it, I get to watch him learn and grow.

I know life will be an adventure with three boys and a trucking husband but in the end I know it will be worth it when my boys are free to pursue their passions and explore the world.


Downside of him turning 5, is that I have done very little in terms of prepping. Especially with trying to buy a house so it may be put on hold until it goes through. A little is better than nothing though. I did manage to buy a few cases of water though I will rotate it out since I do have concerns about storing in plastic for too long.