Making Money From Home

As a stay at home mom,, sometimes the budget gets really tight. We have all been there at some time in our lives. This post is about how I make extra cash online. All the sites I have tried are legitimate and work well to earn cash. Whether you want something easy like reading email or something more difficult like taking surveys.

I have tried all of these sites and recommend them all. Something to do in spare time to earn a little extra or while you are surfing aimlessly online. Who doesn’t like some extra cash? Best part all of the sites are free to sign up with and start earning!


Points2Shop : Get paid to take surveys, play games, and complete trial offers!

SwagBucks : Get paid to shop online, search and even play games!

InstaGC : Get paid to take surveys and complete offers!

InboxDollars : $5 bonus for signing up! Get paid to read email, search, complete offers and surveys!

Hits4Pay : $5 bonus for signing up! Get paid to read emails!




Links provided may lead to affiliate websites where I may get compensated for you signing up or purchasing items. You do not pay anything outside what you would like to spend money on. I get compensated from the company themselves.

What I do

Well I found another great site to earn gift cards on. Except this one is instant once you reach the required points. 


<a href=”″>how do i get amazon gift card</a> you might ask? Well click the previous link or keep on reading to learn more! All you need to do is sign up and you can start watching videos, taking surveys or completing other various offers to earn points. Once you reach 100 points you can redeem for an Amazon gift card, or almost any other type of gift card that they have available including a check and paypal! It really is a nifty site so you should check it out ans sign up today:) <a href=”″></a> 






DISCLAIMER: I do receive points for you using the above links. However none of it comes from your earnings. When you do sign up you will have the option to promote your link and receive a commission from people that sign up under your link. 

What I have been up to

Well it has been a while since I posted. I have been trying to get settled in a new city  state the past few weeks so I have not attended to my blog. However now that I am here…. Check out my website


With that I have also joined a new site to earn instant giftcards! is really great and easy to earn gift cards. It does not take much and you can cash out when you receive just 100 points!

Another day, another project

You know the plastic grocery bags you get from shopping? Yeah those. Well I have a lot of them. We use some for the cat litter to clean out the box, my wonderful husband uses them to take lunch to work, well that is about it. So last night I went through most of the bags and pulled out the bags with no holes to set aside for the cat litter. What should I do with the rest? A while ago I had found online how to fuse the bags to make sheets of plastic to sew together for bags, purses or whatnot. I also know you can crochet with it. So I took the latter option and started making plarn (plastic yarn). Once I cut up a few bags I started connection the pieces together and crocheting to make a reusable bag. Not sure how well it will turn out but at least it will give a purpose to the plastic bags! 


I am still working on Over $70 made so far and a few great things redeemed. A train set, phone cover, screen protectors, $40 in Wal-Mart gift cards (and another $10 one on the way). I haven’t been spending much time on it lately even though I should with Christmas around the corner. It is a great way to buy gifts you otherwise could not afford! 

Potty training and more…

Well all in all it has been a success. I started over a week ago and just let the 21 month old monster run butt naked around the house. It has worked. And he doesn’t wet during naps, or short outings(less than 2 hours) so far. Night time has been hit and miss but if I catch him at the right time he stays dry all night. Tonight he fought me to put a diaper on so I think he likes not wearing a diaper. Granted he won’t wear underwear either without having an accident but that may be because he just doesn’t like briefs. So I will try boxers next time I get to the store. For now he can just run around the house in shorts 🙂


On another note. I have received quite a bit from Points2Shop. I have gotten a train set, a phone cover, screen protectors for my phone, and $40 in Wal-Mart gift cards. And counting. All this in a month and a half. If I were to spend more time on the site I would make even more but hey I am not complaining since it is just a little time to earn and I can get things I wouldn’t be able to afford normally! 

What has worked for me…

    Well I have become part of a few different websites to make money, as I have previously posted. And so far one has really paid off, I have gotten a few things from there in the short amount of time I have been on teh site. $1 cash, a train set for my oldest child, a phone cover, screen protectors for my phone and most recently $30 gift card for Wal-Mart. So it has more than paid off for the time I spend there. You can get almost anything from that site or even just cash out to PayPal!

    On you can play games and chat with other members of the site as well and you can see all the great things they have earned too! Over all I think it is a great way to earn extra money or even just get those presents for your kids, friends or other family members when you don’t have the extra cash.

Making Money Online

No this is not a “Get Rich Quick” scheme or a “Pay to Find out How to Make Money From Home”. These are legitimate sites where you can earn money or points to redeem for items. There may be money required for some of the offers in order to get points but you are NOT required to spend any money to earn points. 

Points2Shop/CashLE– I heard about this site from my brother-in-law who said he had gotten items for his Xbox 360 for free. So I figured it was worth a few minutes to check out the site. Needless to say it amazed me. Complete offers (generally free and there are some you do pay for a membership such as Blockbuster), play games, even use Google to search articles and complete a form on it! Easy stuff and earn money to buy almost anything available on or donate to a charity. Go check out Points2Cash today and start earning!

Inbox DollarsSo I found this one doing an online search to make money at home. You have to earn a minimum amount before you get paid and it does take a while to get there. However it is an extra tank of gas or  part of a bill that you would not have been able to pay before. Take surveys, complete offers (some do require you to buy something like a Netflix membership) and even use their search engine to earn money! Go to Inbox Dollars today to start earning!


Hits4PayHits4Pay literally pays you to read emails. You get an email (or few) sent to your account and once you read them and it says the credit has been added to your account you can go read the next one. Only takes a few minutes and you get from 1 to 5 emails a day. No signing up with outside sources, no paying for anything. Just checking out the ads in the emails and waiting for your account to credit. Sometimes it does take watching a short video or typing in some info (that doesn’t need to get submitted) for the credit to go through. Sign up to read emails and get paid at Hits4Pay today!


Kitsy Lane– Sell jewelry for free! Yes for free! Just sign up and pick the items you want in your shop. Advertise to get customers and you are on your way to making money with no start up costs, no inventory to manage and no keeping track of orders to ship! Sign up today at Kitsy Lane.

So what are you waiting for? Go check out all of those opportunities and stop spending mindless hours online when you could be making money or getting free stuff!

My adventures to make money online…

So I am checking out various options to make money online. I am part of one survey site that has paid off so far. I have received a $25 GameStop/EB Games gift card, and the same amount for Starbucks. Takes a while to accumulate enough money to redeem but there are so many options of things you can redeem for. Only bad thing is that it is invite only. I received my invite from Pizza Hut when I ordered online. 


I am also part of a few sites I just joined recently. You have to accumulate money and when you reach a certain point you get cash paid directly to you! 

Inbox Dollars

– Get paid for reading emails and taking surveys. Just started on this site and already have $7 accumulated. Get paid out when you reach $30. 

Another site is Hits4Pay

Read messages and when you reach $25 you get paid out. 

Let’s see what this brings me!

Working from home…

So for the few friends that may come here or the general population that happens to find this blog, I work as a ChaCha Guide. Yes it is legitimate work. Does it pay well? Not the greatest but you can make a few extra bucks while sitting at home watching TV or browsing the web and answering questions as you get them submitted to you. Not enough to make a living off of but it can pay for a tank of gas or a dinner out with your partner.

Visit and enter as your referral to being a ChaCha guide! It is easy to get started, you just have to pass a simple test and if you know how to surf the net at a fast pace then you will have no problem with passing it. Once you are a guide you will need Firefox 7 in order to use the portal to log on and work. I just set my volume on loud and leave FF open while I use Chrome to do what ever I need or want to do online.