Tax Season!

That wonderful time of year, we get to count up all our income and subtract our deductions to *hopefully* get our hard earned money back from the government that we let them take so willingly from our paychecks. I am just waiting on one W-2 before I can file. Fortunately the rest of the forms I have needed were mailed out earlier than January 31st. I don’t have anything spectacular or out f the ordinary to claim, I don’t own a house and no longer run a business so my taxes are pretty straight forward this year. I know that will change in the future if my husband decides to purchase a truck (big rig) as that will come with a lot of expenses and more detailed things than I am knowledgeable on to do taxes.

How do you file taxes? Accountant, pop-up stand in Wal-Mart, dedicated business, or online/paper on your own? I usually use TurboTax online as it seems to do the best job at getting the deductions I qualify for.