Changing a 3 prong dryer outlet

We bought a house, and not even a month in we have issues. First the power goes out with no indicator as to why. Flipped the circuit breakers and everything worked again. Next was the dryer. Brand new dryer. Not working. So I test the outlet, sure enough that wasn’t working. Changing didn’t solve the problem however. The dryer needs a new power board😑 

Here are some pictures for how I changed the outlet. I had some help from my dad in what to do. 
First, find the main panel and turn off the power (to be safe). I still haven’t figured out all the switxhes but that is for another day. 

Dryer outlet

Test the power with a volt meter. Make sure it reads zero. 

Unscrew the screws on the front, gently pull out to reveal the wires. If yours aren’t color coded like mine, make a note of where they go. 

I changed one wire at a time so I couldn’t get them mixed up. All you do is unscrew each screw,  take the wire out of the old outlet, place in corresponding slot in new outlet(push wire gently in all the way), tighten the screws as much as you can. Repeat two more times for the remaining wires. 
Voila!! All the wires in and tightened. I didn’t take a picture of it all back together but basically put the wires back into the box, push the outlet flush against the wall, and put the crews in place and tighten. 
Last is to turn on the power and test the outlet. It should read for what ever your voltage is. Mine happens to be 255v. Prior to changing the outlet the voltage was maybe 120v.  It was a lot easier than I thought it would be, and my dad helped guide me with using the volt meter as I had never used it before. I can use tools, but had never done anything like this. I am not about to go update everything in my house but I am better off for knowing! Even if it didn’t solve my dryer problem😕