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It is pretty crazy how long I can sit and read from one blog to the next to the next and lose track of time. So many great things from recipes to homeschooling, I just don’t know where to stop and where to end! Then I get to the posts that just fascinate me and I can’t help but laugh because it is who I am, or wonder if it will be me. 


Right now I have given up on my sourdough starter but I also started apple cider vinegar. I have been getting my basket each week from Bountiful Baskets and this week I am getting 25lbs of tomatoes! I have to get some jars and learn how to preserve them now before they go bad once I pick up on Saturday. Yes I will post a picture because I am sure most of you don’t know what 25lbs of tomatoes looks like. Well, I don’t either for that matter. Yes we all see the huge mounds of tomatoes at the store but actually having them in my home will be a shock. 


Too many things I am encountering on my journeys between getting rid of chemicals and reading about homeschooling. One thing I do need to focus more on is to not buy junk/prepared food anymore. I have been getting better now that I get my lovely produce once a week but still give in to those gummy snacks that my kids adore (ok and so do I). I have found various recipes to make gummies and fruit leather but I just never do. Whether it is the sheer laziness since I cook nearly every meal at home or the fact it is easy to grab that box at the store and rip open a packet to give to the kids when they want a snack. Those gummies and chips. Chips are the bane of this home. The hubby refuses to give them up and of course he will finish a bag with the kids in the first night. Long way to go when it comes to food to say the least but I am getting there. Doing my best to shop the “outside” of the store and stick to my menu. Now I just need to get how much I spend down and still keep on the path to eating healthy!


Happy Thursday!


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  1. Hi Chellie! I can’t believe it has taken me a month to get back to you on your lovely comment on my blog. Your post on following other blogs is so true! I am about a month behind on reading the blogs I’d like to follow. Thankfully, life is good, it’s just busy. Thanks so much for the nomination! That is very kind of you. I’d rather not participate in that particular type of award, if that is ok? Many thanks for the thought. Best regards, Dana

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